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A woman, a man, 90 seconds — in the web series “V-Dates” on Instagram and Facebook, singles come together for 90 seconds of conversation. Including some very special guys The first steps are always difficult and Internet speed dating is something you need to learn. Thus, the start of Sophia and her first date Leopold is rather bumpy: At first there is no connection to the chat partner, then suddenly there is one — but at an inconvenient time. The fact that Sophia doesn’t like her date Leopold at all and that he, to make things even worse, makes a big faux pas and asks about her age, is the crowning glory of the first episode. This is why she handles the second date more structured and is surprised by Kai’s character Producing, simply because it’s fun Besides the eight performers, there are a number of other heads working on the daily web series, all of whom, of course, realise the project together from home. However, it’s not only the production that’s fun, but also the success, as the daily second dates seem to have hit just the right nerve of social media users: Already more than subscribers follow the dates of Sophia, Leopold, Kai, Achim, Charly, Tanja, Tabea and Johannes daily at pm on Instagram and Facebook. One season, 16 dates With the 16th episode of April 27, the first season has already been finished and went online! So it’s time for co-author and director Julius Grimm to draw a conclusion: “With V-Dates we wanted to develop a mini-series that is realizable in the current times and makes the viewer at home laugh.

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Don’t you want to put that on Showtime? Instead, Goldman looked to crowdfund the idea which he worked on with Bard college friends Sasha Winters co-writer and co-star and Jay Gillespie director of photography. After two Kickstarter campaigns and a fairly brisk filming schedule in and around Prospect Heights, Goldman put The Outs online, where it found an audience receptive to the seven-part show’s frank and revealing take on relationships – both straight and gay, platonic and romantic – in an age of social media.

As well as writing and directing, Goldman cast himself as Mitchell, the cardigan wearing twentysomething worrier, who trades insults and bon mots with best, straight friend Oona [Winters – also Goldman’s real life flatmate].

From interracial dating to the student loan crisis to Black women’s hair in corporate America to “sugar daddies,” the show will leave no stone.

Stories centering around black women are still fairly sparse in Hollywood. With the paradigms shifting in terms of how we digest creative content, various television studios are seemingly not inclined towards adapting online webseries into TV shows. It’s a not so wise business move on their part, considering many can serve as blueprints for new content, new voices and cater to marginalized communities starved to see more of themselves on screen.

To top it off, Raven’s relationship with her male friend, Michael, is bordering on sexual tension. Like any cool girl ensemble, the writer leans on her three best friends, Greer, Leo, and Tess for support and good vibes. As EP and Tonja’s friend, I’ve been privy to see the failures, and the subsequent successes. The moments of joyful tears and unbelievable glee.

Every step of this process thus far has been a testament to Tonja’s belief in her storytelling, as well as her belief in the quality of the talent currently available in the industry. From a diverse and inclusive crew, to a female DP, and our beautiful cast of actors, our fearless leader Baby Ava has established a tone of excellence and set the bar for what Hollywood CAN and WILL accomplish in the years to come. I was surrounded by black girl magic and black boy joy on set while shooting which gave me the warmest feeling inside that I know will translate to screen.

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He soon senses the standoffish and cliquey Vancouver vibe, but rather than giving up, he decides to delve deeper to learn the ins and outs of meeting Vancouver women. I had a chance to meet the producer, Troy Mundle, and co-producer, Jane Avery, to learn more about the series and the inspiration behind it. As a new Vancouverite, Troy himself became quite aware of the less than optimal atmosphere for dating in Vancouver. To get a better sense of the reality of the aforementioned article, Troy and Jane conducted an informal yet revealing social experiment.

As the series progresses we see Alicia learn to not settle for the first guy who comes Most recently, Henderson was a writer on the web series Hard Medicine​.

The Electrics is a new, romantic comedy web series following four somethings as they navigate life in Austin, Texas. Creator Ashlee Harris shared that she wanted to tell a story about the Black experience in Austin. And while there are many things to love about this city, it lacks in a few areas, most notably in its diversity. The Black population in Austin has remained around 8 percent. This is much smaller compared to the populations of other Texas cities, such as Houston and Dallas.

Imagine trying to navigate all that comes with being Black in America, and still look for love, juggle friendships and family, grow your career, and everything else that comes with adulthood. Harris shared that she wants each episode to touch on topics that warrant a larger discussion.

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A pilot episode, originally devised as a short film, has garnered over 30, views on YouTube in its first two weeks online. The trio is squeezed together on a crowded couch in the lobby of the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, a dimly lit spot that could be summarized through the smartly dressed hipster couple making out a couple of couches away. In a rush, David mistakenly sits with another Sarah, who is expecting a blind date of her own — and, well, comedic consequences ensue.

The three now develop and write all the episodes together. With an initial five-episode run, the team hopes to gain a significant online following — but the aim is to get a deal with a network or streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.

There are no awkward moments until Photo by Judah S Harris. Another young man hustles into the restaurant and waltzes up to their table. He.

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R min Crime, Drama, Romance. A couple’s first date takes an unexpected turn when a police officer pulls them over. Votes: 17, Unrated min Drama, Romance. In contemporary Los Angeles, two millennials navigating a social media-driven hookup culture begin a relationship that pushes both emotional and physical boundaries.

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Devon will film Zoe going on first dates and upload the footage to YouTube. The viewers will give Zoe feedback on who their favorite dates are and help Zoe figure out why she seems to remain perpetually unlucky in love. You wished for more lesbian video content, and girlfriend, your wish was finally granted! What makes it badass is that it was created, produced, and directed by badass women. What inspired the idea? Is it based on real-life experiences?

If so, spill the tea! The idea originally came from a blog I started to chronicle my failed dates. I felt like I had some funny stories and wanted to share them with the internet. People started to take an interest and comment, some commiserating and some making suggestions. Have you worked together in the past?

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Follow Us. Single and streaming? Here are the web series that you can add to your watch list if you like the drama of watching people find love. The social experiment, where singles aim to find a life partner based solely on conversations, without ever seeing the other in person, struck a chord with audiences all over the world, and fed our obsessive compulsive Netflix binge-watching disorder well.

According to the online dating site eHarmony, a quarter of all swing an iPhone charger without hitting someone who has made a web series.

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Both Netflix and Hulu have a variety of dating shows that you can stream right now. With these transformations comes a slew of new dating programs that tend to be viewed when everyone else goes to bed. Here are a few more guilty pleasures to watch snuggled in your favorite blanket.

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